Quasi Residential Rehab

Recovery Connections offers a Quasi Residential Rehab Programme (The Step Up Programme) as part of the Middlesbrough Recovering Together offer.

The Residential Rehab Programme is based around  Mutual Aid  12 step programmes and as a result promotes honesty, patience and tolerance,  giving back, lived experience and unity as a solution to heal and recover.

The programme is in 3 parts, primary care, secondary care and after care. The residential programme lasts for 24 weeks with open ended after care following discharge. In addition professional Recovery to Wellness Coaching is offered to support the person to work through any challenges they experience and identify a plan of action with accountability.

Admission is via the Care Coordination process and includes a level of preparation with our specialist worker who delivers a short 3 session programme and individual support. The Step Up Rehab programme is free for residents of Middlesbrough. There are opportunities for Day Care if residential is not assessed to be appropriate.