Ambassador programme

The Ambassador Programme is a level 2 OCN accredited qualification that aims to provide practical skills, knowledge and experience for individuals in abstinence based recovery. Ambassadors provide ‘visible recovery’ within Middlesbrough Recovering Together services and are in a prime position to show that recovery is possible no matter where you are in your journey.

The Ambassadors are able to share their lived experience and the tools that helped them achieve recovery. Being visible instils hope and demonstrates the benefits and joys of living a drug and alcohol free life.

The Ambassador training lasts 13 weeks and includes Portfolio support, leadership and observation. No prior learning or qualifications are needed, full support is given throughout.

The programme includes –


Week Day Title
1 1 Induction and PDP
1 2 Professional Boundaries and Self-Management
2 3 Referrals and Data Protection
2 4 Acceptance, Attitudes and Toxic Trio
3 5 Discrimination and Stereotyping
3 6 ABCD and Visible Recovery
4 7 Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Children
4 8 Conflict Identification, Awareness and Risk
5 9 Review Stage 1
5 10 Review Stage 1
6 11 Risk Assessments and Care Plan
6 12 Community Networking Opportunity
7 13 Assertiveness and Confidence Building
7 14 Problem Solving and Action Plans
8 15 Self-Development 01
8 16 Self-Development 02
9 17 Safe Closure and Referring
9 18 PDP
10 19 Ethics, Duty of Care and Person Centred Approach
10 20 Communication
11 21 Review Stage 2
11 22 Review Stage 2
12 23  Person Centred Approaches
12 24  Person Centred Approaches
13 25 Portfolio Support
13 26 Graduation


Whilst completing this course, the Trainee Ambassadors will shadow workers who will help to show them good practice, in addition to this, they are able to support with any extra work that they have  to fulfil the course.

After graduating as an Ambassador, each learner will be assigned to a role within the Middlesbrough Recovering Together services.  Each role is designed to provide invaluable experience working within the care setting, roles include Detox support, Residential Rehab support, Community Support, Needle Exchange Support, and many more.


Ambassadors are vital members of our organisation and always in high demand.