Recovery Ally Training

Join us for a Free Training session covering addiction, trauma, stigma and recovery. All sessions, which run from May 11th until June 29th, are delivered by facilitators from our lived experience recovery organisation.

Scroll down the page to get tickets and a link to the live training. Training is at 12pm – 2pm each week.

Recovery Ally Programs train individuals to be supportive of people in recovery from addiction.  By the end of the training session, attendees should be able to demonstrate empathy towards those in recovery.

The sessions cover the following elements:

  • Understanding recovery as a long-term process with unique implications for student
  • Confronting myths and stigma regarding addiction and recovery.
  • Using appropriate language related to addiction and recovery.
  • How to listen openly to students who reach out for support and talk to students who
    might be struggling with substance use.
  • What resources are available for people in recovery and how to access those