Vikki Hart

What is it like working for recovery connections?

Absolutely love working for Recovery Connections. The job is hard at times but rewarding and brings a lot of satisfaction. If I hadn’t had the help I received from charities like Recovery Connections I wouldn’t be the person I am today.


What is it that Recovery connections do to help people out of addiction?

We give people the support to break free from an addiction. I don’t like the word help as I think it undermines people because  those people are working hard to quit an addiction. We also  give structure to people’s lives which is good for supporting clients. We offer telephone support to clients as well as the option of facilitating mutual aid.


If you could give anyone any advice on why they should quit an addiction, what would it be?

Freedom of not being tied to a substance.


What do you offer to people who are trapped in an addiction?

Telephone support, one to one meetings, Monday to Friday groups we run and sign post to mutual aid, AA, NA,CA. We have a good SMART recovery group twice a week, giving clients the tools to manage their emotions.


What’s your favourite program activity with Recovery connections and how does it help people?

Arts & Crafts I think is good for people who are shy as it gives them the chance to meet new people and have a laugh. This group activity is light and fun as well as creative and sociable. Other groups we hold deal with more serious subject matters and are less suited to those who are very shy.  I think recovery is about laughter and this is such a good group to be involved with as it leaves clients feeling more uplifted and positive towards recovery.


Working for Recovery connections and with people who are in need of help and support, kind of makes you a super hero, what superhero power do you possess?

Smiling in adversity.