A Member of Our Team Awarded a Fellowship

Dot Turton, CEO of Recovery Connections has been awarded a fellowship for this year. Giving Dot the opportunity to travel to the USA to learn more about Collegiate Recovery Programmes. She will be visiting Texas Tech, Georgia Southern and University or North Carolina. This will take place this year throughout September to live and learn with the campus recovery programmes. Dot is an asset to the Recovery Connections team bringing life to us all. For Dot to learn more about Recovery from a different area all together will help to make our team grow and learn more, allowing Recovery Connections to understand in stronger and clearer ways. 


When asked in the interview; are we ready for this approach in the UK? Dot answered; Maybe, I don’t know but I feel we should be.


We wish Dot all the best for her travels and we look forwards to following her progress and learning from it. Please feel free to connect with Dot at dot.turton@recoveryconnections.org.uk

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