Our team

Senior Management Team

Dot Turton, CEO

Laura Reid, Business Manager

Richy Cunningham, Regional Manager

Operational Management Team

Ricky Vasey, Rehab Manager 

Jenny Bryson, Community Lead (Middlesbrough and Gateshead)

Admin Team 

We have two Business Administrators whose roles are to take care of the administration for Recovery Connections and for our social enterprise businesses. 

Community Team 

Our community team is made up of 4 individuals, all of whom are in recovery themselves – visible recovery is very important to us and a huge part of what we do; the is team focuses on facilitating our community groups.

Rehab Team 

Our rehab team consists of 7 individuals, all of whom are in recovery themselves. The roles of this team range from pre-hab consulation to rehab coaches and concierge staff. 

Other Departments

Our Marketing and Communications Officer manages all of the social media, marketing, websites and content for Recovery Connections and our social enterprise businesses. They also attend lots of networking events in the area to spread our message of recovery and encourage people to get involved. 

Our Young Person Worker works within educational establishments to create peer networks and visible recovery. They currently work within Teesside University and Middlesbrough College offering support and advice to young people struggling with addiction in any aspect of life.

Our Sustainable Housing Officer helps residents of our rehab find housing after completion of the programme in addition to offering support for ambassadors, volunteers and individuals who attend our community groups. 


Board of Trustees

Ruth Hicks, Chair

David Jackson

Bridget Holmstrom

Dave Barras

Georgios Antonopolous

Margaret Philips

Nick Wallis