Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Our vision is for people is for people to achieve their full potential and to live their best life, free from stigma and discrimination.


Our Mission

We are led by the people be support. Through a culture of recovery, we coach, nurture, train, educate, inspire and empower individuals and communities to achieve their full potential.


Our Values

Recovery – We believe people have the power to change and we have an acceptance that people define their own recovery. We work with individuals, families and communities within a culture of recovery.

Authentic – We are honest, open, genuine and sometimes imperfect.

Heart – We have a big heart. We support our community with courage, compassion, love and care.

Hope – We never give up on the people we support. Hope is at the core of all we do. Hope is our legacy.

Unity – We believe in the power of unity and that people thrive and grow with others.

Humility – We are always curious and we learn from the people we support.