Adam Rymer

What is it like working for recovery connections?

It’s a very fufilling and rewarding job being part of a team and helping people with their recovery.


What is it that Recovery connections do to help people out of addiction?

We do alsorts, obviously with us being a rehab we help people with the 12 step programme in-house and also have A Community team that can help with access with the services.


What is your job with Recovery connections?

A Concierge.


What do you offer to people who are trapped in an addiction?

We offer support and guidance as well as help when needed through the night.



If you could give anyone any advice on why they should quit an addiction, what would it be?

Health and well being coming out of the madness get your physical and mental well being back


Addiction affects so many people but has it ever affected you to help those people struggling with substance misuse?

Every person is individual and has individual needs and need their own treatment.


What’s your favourite program activity with Recovery connections and how does it help people?

SMART because it gives people the tools to guide them with their own recovery.


Working for Recovery connections and with people who are in need of help and support, kind of makes you a super hero, what superhero power do you possess?

I don’t see myself as a super hero at all, I see myself as a person who is willing to help in any way that is possible.