Janet Serginson

What is it like working for recovery connections?

For me it’s really rewarding, busy,vibrant and an exciting environment to work in. Its good to see the service developing and taking a new direction with the residential rehab and offering more diverse options around recovery in Middlesbrough.


What is it that Recovery connections do to help people out of addiction?

We run a residential rehab and  we have a community offer for people who either choose abstinence or reduction in relation to their addiction.  We believe in many pathways to recovery and it’s really rewarding to see people change their lives and work towards their individual goals. Theres a good sense of community, to help people who previously felt isolated or excluded , connect with others who face the same issues.


What is your job with Recovery connections?

Registered manager it’s my job to ensure  that the service runs smoothly taking into consideration and adhering to governance structures, policies and procedures whilst supporting staff and clients and upholding good practice.


What do you offer to people who are trapped in an addiction?

Hope, aspirations, visible recovery, support and the tools to make it happen.


What is the process of beating an addiction?

Everybody is individual which means their process will be different based on their own life experiences. This is one of the many reasons addiction is so difficult to beat and why relapse can occur, therefor it needs a many pronged approach to find the best solution for each individual.


What is the process for recovery and what will follow after beating an addiction?

Recovery follows addiction however, recovery encompasses more than just stopping drinking or taking drugs it also includes addressing behaviours and attitudes and the person looking holistically at themselves and this is an ongoing process. However things improve and development can lead to volunteering, employment, improved relationships, lack of isolation, community.


If you could give anyone any advice on why they should quit an addiction, what would it be?

The life that they could have may not improve their money, status, or material goods however, the peace of mind, contentment,  connection and feeling part of is worth its weight in gold. It is difficult to put into words what is on offer so perhaps look to people who have visible recovery as inspiration.


Addiction affects so many people but has it ever affected you to help those people struggling with substance misuse?

There’s been many occasions where by I’ve been touched by peoples struggle, warmed by their spirit to overcome and privileged  to witness their progress and journey.


What’s your favourite program activity with Recovery connections and how does it help people?

The choir because it’s a really good leveler and its not just about singing, its about connection and putting your pride aside. Coming together and being part of something where the end result is uplifting for those listing and taking part.


Working for Recovery connections and with people who are in need of help and support, kind of makes you a super hero, what superhero power do you possess?

It would have to be better stamina because then I’d be able to do more and therefor help more people.