Janet Hobson

What is it like working for recovery connections?

No day is ever the same which makes working for Recovery Connections interesting. All the Staff are brilliant and it’s nice to see the service users as they’re moving forwards in life and making positive changes to their lives.


What is it that Recovery connections do to help people out of addiction?

Recovery Connections offers support and we’re always there for people in need of help.


If you could give anyone any advice on why they should quit an addiction, what would it be?

I think anyone should quit something that has a negative impact on their life whether it is addiction or something else, It’s not good for you. There’s always a price to pay when stuck in a negative cycle whether it be health, relationships or money problems as these are the issues we face with addictions.


What do you offer to people who are trapped in an addiction?

I’m not a recovery worker but I treat clients with respect and I’m very emphatic towards their feelings and current situations. As a company we offer ; Telephone support, one to one meetings, Monday to Friday groups we run and sign post to mutual aid, AA, NA,CA. We have a good SMART recovery group twice a week, giving clients the tools to manage their emotions.


What’s your favourite program activity with Recovery connections and how does it help people?

Arts and crafts is good as its suited to my personality and most people find it very therapeutic. WISC is another as it’s a step forward in the journey and helps people with recovering from addictions.


Working for Recovery connections and with people who are in need of help and support, kind of makes you a super hero, what superhero power do you possess?

I’m adaptive to situations and organized and I have good communication skills.