Matthew Bullock

What is it like working for recovery connections?

Personally I find it very rewarding because I’m able to pass on the tools to help those in need of recovery.


What is it that Recovery connections do to help people out of addiction?

Recovery Connections inspires to empower people to overcome substance misuse.


What is your job with Recovery connections?

Trainee recovery worker.


What do you offer to people who are trapped in an addiction?

A few things the first one is hope, structure and direction.


What is the process of beating an addiction?

The process of beating an addiction is identifying that you have a problem with substances, be willing to accept help and start the journey to recovery.

Without recognising you have a problem with substance misuse or the will to accept help, there’s not much chance in recovery.


If you could give anyone any advice on why they should quit an addiction, what would it be?

If your life is consumed by an addiction you’re not living your just existing. Life out of addiction is living to life’s full potential.


Addiction affects so many people but has it ever affected you to help those people struggling with substance misuse?

Yes, I have been through my own addiction and now with  the tools and skills I have gained in my own recovery I am in a great position to help others affected by substance misuse.


What’s your favourite program activity with Recovery connections and how does it help people?

SMART (Self Management and Recovery Training.) I believe is the best way of both giving and teaching people the tools to deal with their own emotions.


Working for Recovery connections and with people who are in need of help and support, kind of makes you a super hero, what superhero power do you possess?

Previously I didn’t communicate well with others but now after beating addiction I feel I can communicate and help others using my own experiences and feelings around substance misuse.

That makes me communication man!